Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome to Engyrus

Engyrus is my one-man consulting sideline specializing in the Python programming language. I created this blog to share Python tips and tricks and information about the Python projects I'm working on, among other things. There'll probably be some Web stuff and some utilities made with AutoHotKey too.

I'm Jerry Kindall, technical writer by trade. At my day job, I use Python to build and validate our documentation. Python has put the fun back in programming for me. Coding in Python reminds me a lot of my Apple II hacking days, but with longer variable names and fewer GOTOs.

About the name: "Engyrus" is a disused scientific name for the genus Python (you know, snakes) dating back to the 1830s. As a collector of words, I really found this one lovely, so I appropriated it. (Much to my pleasure, the domain was available, too!)

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